Google Chrome Hidden Features

Google Chrome Browser has lots of hidden features you may want to know about…

1. Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome Browser allows you take action towards each tab as a separate process. if you have problem with one of the tabs, instead of closing the entire browser, you can just end the process of that specific tab.

You can access it through Google Chrome Menu > Tools > Task Manager or by pressing Shift+Esc.

Google Chrome Taskbar

 2. Image Browser

You can drag any image for a quick look into the Google Chrome Browser.

Chrome image browser

3. Application Shortcuts

You could create application shortcuts from webpages in Google Chrome Browser by using Chrome Menu –> Tools –> Create application shortcuts. This option could be very useful for sites that you use frequently and need them open all the time.

Application Shortcuts

4. Copy Paste Only Text

When you copy stuff from Google Chrome Browser and want to paste it somewhere else on the Chrome Browser such as a compose window on your email account,  if you just need the text, just use Ctrl+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V to paste.

5. Pin Tab

You can use “Pin tab” feature in order to make sure the tab you are using never closes. Just right click on that tab and select Pin tab.

Chrome pin tab

This feature converts the tab into a favicon and sticks itself permanently to the extreme left.

Pin tab favicon chrome

6. Omnibox Features

Paste And Search/Paste And Go

Copied a search term and now you want to search it. Just right click on the address bar and select Paste And Search.

Paste and search chrome

If you have copied a URL, you will see Paste and go instead of Paste and search. This will take you directly to the website you would like to go.

Paste and go chome

Quick Calculations

Omnibox can also perform unit conversions and calculations without going to Google or without hitting Enter. Just type what you need will show the results instantly.

Quick calculations chrome

Site search from Address Bar

You can search a specific site from Omnibox. When you see right side of the address bar Press Tab to search, just click on tab and enter your search term.

Omnibox site search



Google Chrome Browser provides an “About memory” page that can accessed by typing about:memory in the address bar. “About memory” page gives detailed information into how different processes in the browser are consuming memory.

Chrome about memory


You can see Google Chrome’s experimental laboratory of new features in Chrome Flags. Type on the address about:flags to enter this page. Google Chrome will also warns that you should be careful because “these experiments may bite”, as there are no guarantees about what may happen if you turn one of these experiments on. There are options for enabling experimental new features here.

Chrome about flags


7. Drag and Drop Features

Drag and Drop Downloads

You can drag and drop download in to your desktop.

Drag and drop downloads

Drag URL to Bookmarks Bar

You can drag a URL in to the Bookmarks Bar. Just grab the link and drop it there.

Drag tabs

You can drag tabs change the orders of tabs. Just grab the tab and reorder as you wish.

Drag and drop tabs

You can also drag multiple tabs. Press Shift down and select your desired tabs and move them together.

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