Google Chrome Advanced Settings

Google Chrome Browser allows you to manage advanced settings. After clicking the settings, If you want access advanced settings, browser will prompt you to show advanced settings as they are hidden by default.

How to open “Advanced Settings”

  1. Click the Chrome Menu (customize and control Google Chrome) on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings on the Chrome Menu.
  3. Click on the Show advanced settings.

show advanced settings

Once you open advanced settings, you can make changes to following headings

Passwords and forms

Google Chrome will save your usernames and passwords for different websites and allows fill out web forms.

passwords and forms

Manage Autofill Settings

Autofill lets you complete forms with just one click. You can enable or disable by checking the box.

Manage Passwords

When you visit a site and logging with your username and password, you should see the prompt to save your password information. If you allow information to be saved, Google Chrome Browser will allow you manage your passwords in this option. You can enable or disable saving passwords and username by checking the box.

 Web content

You can select font size and customize fonts from “Font size” option. Page Zoom option will allow to manage zoom sizes in percentages.

web content



When Google Chrome Browser is using your computer’s system proxy settings to connect to the network. You can make changes in Network option.



You can change your default language in Google Chrome Browser. You can enjoy all the benefits of Google Chrome Browser in your native language. Change Google Chrome Browser in your own language from “Languages” option.

Google Chrome Languages

Google will translate pages that aren’t in your default language. You can enable or disable this by checking the box.



You can change download location, if you want to select your own download location each time, you need to select the box “Ask where to save the file before downloading” option. You can disable this option by unticking the box.



You can manage certificates by clicking “Manage certificates…” box.

manage certificates

Google Cloud Print

You can connect you printer to Google Cloud Print Service. Google Cloud Print can print to either a Cloud Ready printer that can connect directly to the Internet or a classic printer that is connected into a Windows or Mac computer with Internet access.

Google Cloud Print


You can Add additional accessibility features at this option.




You can select following from System option. These options are selected by default and can be disabled by unticking the boxes.

  • Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is running.
  • Use hardware acceleration when available.

Google Chrome System

Reset Settings

Restore settings to their original defaults with this option.

Google Chrome Reset Settings

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