Download & Install Google Chrome

You can use any  pre-installed web browser (Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for Mac OS X). to download Google Chrome.

Now Open your browser and search google chrome.


Click on the Google’s Google Chrome site.


Click “Download Chrome“. This will open the Terms of Service window.

Check the box if you want Chrome as your default browser. If you set it as the default browser, Google Chrome will open whenever a link for a webpage is clicked in another program. You can also opt to send usage data by checking the box “Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending user statistics and crash reports to Google“. This will send back crash reports, preferences and button clicks. It does not send any personal information or track websites.


Read Terms of Service and Click on “Accept and Install”. Depending on your browser settings, you should allow the program to run.


The installer will start and finish installing Google Chrome.


When installation finish, you will see “Thank you for installing Chrome


Now use Google Chrome clicking shortcut on your desktop.


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  2. Iam legally blind; and I got a computer, from the organization n;The Computers for the blind, and they must have it setup, where I must use Windows Explorer, because My default browser keep chancing by itself. But since your the best, I’ll keep changing it back; M J NO Money!`

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